MATCH Token Initial Step on De-Fi

When you read this post, either you can still have the opportunities to get 50% off of our MATCH token, or you can get a MATCH token in with 100% public price, which is 10 TRX for a MATCH token. We selected because the platform offers flexibility and accessibility to our MATCH tokens.

As defined in our roadmap, we will be opening the access toward our MATCH tokens to the public at 3:00 PM UTC on January 3, 2021. Therefore, the MATCH tokens can be exchanged for TRON (TRX) coins. If you are new to, you can get more information through this JustSwap’s beginners guide link.

Our De-Fi journey has taken its initial step to get a steady value throughout upcoming products from this release date. As written in our whitepaper, our De-Fi products will give two benefits for the token holders by being a Liquidity Provider to MATCH tokens in

  1. The token holders can gain 0.3% from each swap activity performed in the platform considering available pool shares.

Therefore, we encourage the token holders to keep their MATCH tokens in and join us as Liquidity Providers to get even more benefits.

We realize our commitment and integrity are paramount. Therefore, we are more than excited to exhibit our commitment by accomplishing this milestone and look forward to achieving other milestones to deliver the MATCH tokens as priceless tokens to the holders.

Keep your eyes on this media channel to get more upcoming updates of MATCH tokens.



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Match Token

MATCH is a utility token for the De-Fi and First Decentralized Bet (De-Bet) for sports betting in decentralized way.